Smoke Condition at Dow Jones

by | May 1, 2015

Shortly after 8:15am today, the Kingston Fire Department responded for an activated smoke detector at the Dow Jones Corporate Campus located off Route One in South Brunswick.  Upon arrival of Engine 244, crew leader Firefighter Mike Bailey was advised by the Dow Jones Security Team of a minor smoke condition in building five and that all employees had been fully evacuated.  Firefighter Bailey requested that additional resources be dispatched from the Monmouth Junction Fire Department and proceeded into the building with his crew to investigate the situation.

The crew quickly found the cause of the light haze to be from a malfunctioning freight elevator motor located in the basement area under the shipping department.  They proceeded to isolate the power to the unit which in turn stopped the emission of the smoke.  They then checked the immediate area for any extension of fire and found none.  At this time Monmouth Junction Fire Chief Scott Smith arrived on location and was quickly followed by the arrivals of Kingston Engine 243 and Monmouth Junction Tower 201.

Chief Smith assumed command of the call and directed the newly arriving resources to assist in setting up fans to clear the residual smoke.  After all the smoke was fully cleared out, the building was checked for any high levels of CO.  Once the all clear was given, the employees were safely escorted back into the building.


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