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Become a Firefighter!

The Kingston Volunteer Fire Company is always looking for new volunteer members. We accept members that live or work in our response districts or the surrounding areas.

Please be advised that you are applying to the New Jersey South Brunswick’s Kingston Volunteer Fire Company #1.

    What is your age range?

    What is your drive to our station?

    Do you have any firefighting experience?

    Qualifications for Regular Membership
    • Must be at least 18 years old
    • Be of good moral character
    • Submit completed application
    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Have a valid driver’s license
    • Pass medical physical
    • Pass a background check
    • Complete fire academy within 1 year of joining the department
    • Complete a 1 year probationary period
    • Must make at least 25% of all events within the first year.
    Qualifications for Junior Membership
    • Must be 16 or 17 years old
    • Be of good moral character
    • Submit completed application
    • Graduated or currently enrolled in high school
    • Pass a medical physical
    • Pass a background check
    • Schedule a meeting between parents and new membershIp committee to discuss junior membership responsibilities
    • Complete a 1 year probationary period
    Benefits of Membership
    In addition to the sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing you are helping those that are truly in need, the Kingston Volunteer Fire Company #1 offers a number of other privileges and incentives to its members:

    • Personal Protective Equipment: All protective equipment, including fire resistive coat and pants, boots, helmet, gloves, and protective hood, are provided to all members upon joining. All of this equipment is kept at the station on your individual gear rack and provides the highest level of protection available.
    • Training: At a minimum, all firefighters in the State of New Jersey are required to successfully complete the Firefighter I program at one of the local County Fire Academies. In addition to the regular Department training, those firefighters wishing to further their knowledge and skills can apply for classes at the County and National Fire Academies. All training is at no cost to the firefighter.
    • Uniforms: Upon completion of Firefighter I, all firefighters are issued badges and two uniforms. The Class B uniform, consisting of a matching short sleeve shirt and pants, is worn to various community and public relations events. Firefighters will also be issued the traditional fire service Class A, or full dress uniform.
    • Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP): For every year of active service to the community, the Fire District contributes approximately $1,600.00 to a 401k-style retirement plan.
    • Clothing Allowance/Monetary Incentive Plan: This annual stipend is based on the number of calls, drills, and details a firefighter attends.
    • Insurance Plans: Each active firefighter automatically receives life insurance policies, in addition to full on duty worker’s compensation and accidental injury coverage.
    • Gym Membership Assistance: Active firefighters are eligible for partial reimbursement of gym membership and fitness program fees.
    • College Scholarship Programs: Firefighters are eligible for various scholarship programs offered specifically for firefighters at local New Jersey Community Colleges.
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